A Thorough PBNs Cloudboss Pro Review

Cloudboss Pro is an innovative, advanced hosting-enabling software service for blog owners who need a simple way to set up private blog networks (PBNs). Cloudboss acts as a link between SEO and some cloud services, such as Amazon EC2 and Microsoft EC2. The software simplifies the process of maintaining hosting accounts while keeping the
sites away from Google examination.

Cloudboss Pro was created by Terry Kyle, an experienced SEO expert, who is well-known for
creating trusted SEO products. Even though this product is rather new, there are plenty of Cloudboss Pro reviews available online. Let’s take a look at a subjective overview of this software.

How Does it Work?
A user creates his own accounts on the cloud services that are integrated into Cloudboss software and inserts his own API keys. Your PBNs are “hidden in the clouds” and allow you to backlink your sites without putting in too much effort.

Do I Need Cloudboss?

If you know something about SEO and website promotions, you understand the importance of creating a PBN that helps push websites up in Google rankings. However, setting up a hidden
PBN is not an easy task. Organizing and maintaining them on a cloud is a complicated process that can take up plenty of your time. Cloudboss is basically a hired help that can do the job for you.

How Is Cloudboss Different from SEO hosting Companies?

Usually, SEO hosting companies have several SEOs sharing the same servers. Google easily finds the shared IP addresses and deindexes the sites with the same ones. With Cloudboss PRO, your sites are hosted on your own accounts that don’t get shared with other SEOs. You are basically hiding from Google just like many other websites that are hosted on different cloud platforms.

Which Platforms Does Cloudboss Work with?

IBM Softlayer
Microsoft Azure
Digital ocean

How Much Does It Cost?

Right now Cloudboss pro is offering a 14-day trial for $1. You will be
paying for using cloud services separately. They vary from free trials to $30 -
$40 per month, depending on your requirements.

- Cloudpro can be used to create and manage cheap SEO hostings
- Keeps all you PBNs “in one place”
- Saves time
- Easy to sign up and start working

- Comes with 50 Free PBN Site Hosting Slots

- Besides paying for subscribing to Cloudboss Pro, users set up and pay for their hostings.
- 96 % of sites are on Amazon Web Services
- Ethical issues

It seems that Cloudboss pro is a quick fix for your SEO problems. It allows you to bypass the Google watchdogs and create as many untraceable PBNs as you wish by paying a moderate fee for subscription. This is a useful service that allows you to create as many backlinks as you require without being discovered to get you high up in Google rankings. If you don’t have any personal ethical issues with artificially boosting the popularity of your website, Cloudboss pro is a good choice of a “handy helper.” With all its features, there is no denying the fact that this hosting company is transforming the hosting industry.

For more information read here: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/cloudboss-pro-provides-cloud-hosting-100000171.html

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